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Got Your Back offers a comprehensive array of corporate services including the setting up of Swedish legal entities, local registered address, representation through experienced directors and managers, ongoing administration and local compliance of legal entities, administrative advisory services, accounting and financial reporting, payroll and employee administration as well as introduction and networking opportunities to some of Sweden’s absolutely best legal, financial and technical advisors.

Got Your Back’s experience include complex cross border transactions, managing entities with multiple owners and other stakeholders, sometimes with conflicting interests.


Got Your Back may assist with customized trustee services, safeguarding the interests of multiple parties in financing transactions and other similar situations where conflict of interests may need to be dealt with in a credible, competent and impartial manner. Got Your Back is particularly well suited to assist in transactions where discretion, competence and flexibility are required.


Got Your Back is experienced in setting up and administering so called orphan structures, created to be bankruptcy remote in connection with securitizations or to hold repossessed assets in distressed situations. Orphan Structures may be set up as fully Swedish or as cross-border structures. 

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Got Your Back strives to be an extraordinary flexible and curious service provider, and is therefore open to explore opportunities in clients’ needs of services where a combined competence and experience of law, finance and administration may be needed. Typical ad hoc assignments may include incentive scheme management, administration of foundations and tailor made trustee services. For further discussions, please do not hesitate to call us or email at


Got Your Back’s clients are often regulated, supervised or in any case devoted to not only comply with applicable laws and regulations but also to generally benefit society. Got Your Back’s activities require us to perform thorough know your client processes, and in all aspects conduct our operations in compliance with laws, regulations and good business practice. The full compliance and unquestionable business ethics of Got Your Back is a matter of long term survival, and will always take precedence over any considerations of profitability.

Got Your Back’s activities shall further be conducted in a way so that we contribute to a better global environment, by minimizing our business’ carbon footprint and more than offsetting it with environmentally positive measures, including tree planting and deletion of carbon credits.


Got Your Back is a specialized corporate services provider aimed at assisting demanding clients who require exceptional responsiveness and service in the Swedish market. Through cooperation with other boutique providers in the Nordics, we are happy to service clients’ needs of similar services in all Nordics markets, through one contact person at Got Your Back.

Got Your Back was founded and is lead by Martin Gorne who was previously the CEO of the Nordics’ largest corporate services provider. All Got Your Back’s employees are highly experienced in providing corporate services to demanding clients.

Got Your Back’s ambitions include to deliver the highest quality and results to clients, the most rewarding work place experience for employees and the most benefit to society, in our field of business.


Got Your Back is regularly hiring and may not always be advertising open positions. We are particularly looking for bright, ambitious and humble people with a background in law or accounting, looking to work in a harmonious and entrepreneurial environment with a strong emphasis on individual freedom and responsibility.


Being a client of Got Your Back means receiving first class service and immediate attention while maintaining full control of your business. Each client has a fully dedicated client responsible director and – to the extent applicable – a financial manager assigned to it who will promptly answer questions and give proactive support on how to best manage the business. All local files produced are readily accessible through a secure cloud solution, meaning that our clients may at any time access and copy any locally produced statutory records and files. All staff at Got Your Back are experienced at handling international transactions with exceptional needs for promptness and often under highest confidentiality.